Redazione 17 Maggio 2018 Storie

Musicoterapia al villaggio

Sono stato in Kenya dal 15 luglio al 5 agosto 2017 insieme a mia sorella Beatrice.

Un’esperienza molto intensa per me. Insieme con noi c’era un altro volontario Francesco Pecorari che nella vita si occupa di musicoterapia. La favola da me scritta nasce da un suo esperimento musicale durante il quale Francesco suonava la sera nel dormitorio dei ragazzi, loro chiudevano gli occhi (alcune volte abbiamo anche spento la luce) ed ognuno di loro ci diceva cosa aveva immaginato.

Ho scritto il racconto in un inglese sicuramente imperfetto inventando una favola ispirandomi alle loro immagini e alle loro descrizioni, con l’augurio che vi piaccia.



The Tale of the Dreamed Sounds

I have dreamed of us living in a golden house. We took our money in a bank and then we started our journey together. We drove a Ferrari and then a motorcycle in order to reach the harbour. We rent a boat that started floating on the sea. As far as we saw a dolphin, we dove into the sea. Then we found a hot-air balloon on the water, and through it we arrived in Japan where we ate rice after playing football with Totti. He gave us the key of a rocket that brought us into the space. We hop-off from the rocket and started walking in the sky, made of darkness. Then we saw the gate of the heaven, but the only way to access to it was a smile. There we met the fastest runner in the world, who was eating a colourful cake, and he invited us to join him.

Then, he taught us how to play sax and we became the best musicians in the world. The music we played attracted animals that became our friends and defended us from any kind of danger. Then a huge fire burnt out and we drove through it with a car. But then we fall in a hole and we were immediately into the hell, where thanks to the common strength we killed the devil. One of us was proclaimed the queen of the world, and permitted us to go out from the hell and to arrive on a mountain where we could dance in the air. To survive on the mountain, we started to mine looking for gold, and climbing the mountain up to the top, so high that we were in heaven playing football with our friend Junior and we started eating so much ice that we became the fattest person in the world. But then we lost balance, feeling no pain because of a breath-taking sunset.

After eating once again the most colourful cake of the world, we jumped off from the trampoline of heaven and dove into the sea. At the bottom of it we have found golden shoes and started to dance in the water. Here we swam with wales but then we had been eaten by a shark that attacked us. Fortunately, thanks to the magical power of our shoes we drop off from the mouth of the shark and started walking on the sea. We arrived on the seashore of an island where we sold the shoes and so we became the richest men in the world. We decided to buy a limousine and drove it along the whole island until we arrived in front of a forest where God brought the darkness in order to punish wild people. They started following us and so we run through the forest where we met a woman with red eyes who asked our names. When we answered and asked her name she actually disappeared and we had to start running again until we finally heard a man playing sax at the moonlight.

– Golden house

– Bank

– Eating rice

– Heaven

– Flying with a rocket in the space

– Driving a Ferrari

– Eating rice

– Floating with a boat on the sea

– Walking in the Sky

– Playing football with Totti

– Diving into the sea

– A smile

– Flying with a hot-air balloon

– Going to Japan

– Eating a cake

– Darkness

– Eating ice

– Up to the mountain and the see the sunset

– Playing football with my friends on the clouds

– To be the best musician

– Mining looking for gold

– Climbing the mountain, then I fell and feel no pain

– The fattest girl in the world

– The queen of the world

– I was in the forest, I was the friend of animals, that defended me and kills who hurts me

– Dancing in the air

– Going to Hell

– Driving into the fire

– Killing the devil

– I Went to heaven and I played with my friend Junior

– Golden shoes

– Dancing in the water

– Walking on the water

– God punished wild people and brought the darkness into the world

– The richest man in the world

– Running from somebody, in the dark forest, and she founds the man playing sax, and then met a red-eyes woman singing in the forest, she asked her name, and then when she answered, she disappeared (and then asked to her, disappeared)

– Driving a limousine

– Swimming with wales